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  • Musky Spin

    Musky Escort Spin


    “One of the most life like spinnerbaits ever created. “

    The “Musky Escort Spin” is a premium grade spinnerbait and  has all the tournament proven secrets incorporated into one spinnerbait.  A 24 K gold blade, silver plated blade as well as matching painted blades, premium Mustad hooks, Premium ball bearing swivels, premium silicone skirts, realistic molded eyes and a lifelike finish to attract trophy Musky and Northerns.

  • Musky-Jig

    Musky Pro Jigs


    “Old Friend”

    This Musky Pro Jig is an old friend to that Serious Musky Angler. The Mustad 8/0 Ultrapoint hooks and Premium Silicone skirts allows you to swim that figure 8 and when that Record Breaker hits that jig you’ll be able to keep it on.

  • Northern Pike

    Northern Pike Escort Spin


    The new kid on the block and standing its ground

    The NEW “Northern Pike Escort” stands on its own.  Made with the same quality as the other Lil’ Hustler products this spinnerbait has proven itself.  Made with 24k Gold blades, Silver and Match Painted blade, a Premium Silicone skirt, the Mustad Ultra Point hook, Premium Ball Bearing Swivel and a heavier twisted eye wire this Spinnerbaits hold its own.

  • Okie Twister


    “Designed with perfect balance, this bait is ideal for keeping in the target area longer.”

    The “Okie Twister” has double counter rotating blades, which allow you to work it extremely slow.  With its small size it can be maintained on the surface even with the slowest ratio gear reel on the market.  Ideal for those days when bass are leery of loud noises but the Okie Twister is a water mover which gives it a slight ripple.  Designed with perfect balance, this bait is ideal for keeping in the target area longer.

  • Replacement Skirts


    Replacement Skirts for Musky Escort Spin.

    2 Packs of Skirts.


  • Super-Swim-Jig

    Super Swim Jigs


    Watch out for this one she’s a mean one

    The Super Swim Jig features a trailer keeper, weedless line tie, Mustad® 8/0Ultrapoint hooks, and premium silicone skirts.  This jig is not exclusive to Musky.  Bass anglers have found the importance of a swim jig that will attract even the most finicky of bass.  Just add a shad like trailer(5″,7″ or 9″) to complete this fish like bait.  It is definitely a big fish catcher.


  • Swim Jigs

    Swim Jigs


    “Responsible for many tournament victories, a secret weapon.”

    One of the latest utilized jig on the market today. It is designed to be fished over and around cover in a swimming retrieve. Responsible for many tournament victories, a secret weapon.

  • Spoiler

    The Spoiler


    “The broken back spinnerbait”

    The unique head design of this bait lets you pull it over logs, limbs, stumps, etc. The broken back style head, when contacted causes the hook to rise up straight and the bait doesn’t roll over and become hung up as often as other spinners.  When you let the bait fall straight down on the far side of the stump or log where the lunker is waiting. The style of head and size of blades used causes a vibration when pulled through the water which allows the fish to really hone-in on it when fished in rivers, dark waters or at night.

  • Viper Front

    The Viper


    “4-blades let this bait be fished on those windy days when other Buzzbaits can’t be used.”

    The “Viper” has a flat snake-like head allows it to pop to the surface with very little effort on the part of the fisherman. Its 3/8 oz weight allows it to be cast a greater distance than most buzz baits. The head design slides right over the top of moss and through grassy and weedy areas where the lunker bass like to hide. It can either be worked on the surface either fast or slow. The big two piece 4-blade lets this bait be fished on those windy days when other buzz baits can’t be used.