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  • Escort Series Painted

    Escort Painted Series Spin


    “A matched set.”

    This premium “Escort Series” spinnerbait has all the Tournament Proven secrets incorporated into one spinnerbait. Hand Painted blades, Mustad® Ultra-point hooks, Premium Ball Bearing swivels, Premium silicone skirts, realistic molded Eyes, and a “Life like” finish to attract lunker bass.

  • Lil’ Chit Bladed Jigs


    Beware of that Lil’ Chit

    Unlike other bladed swim jigs the Lil’ Chit has a stainless steel blade which is thicker and more rigid which gives the jig a different motion when coming thru the water. This bait is so versatile it can be retrieved slow or fast as well as used as a jigs in the pockets in the weeds.  Just hold on and be ready.

  • Swim Jigs

    Swim Jigs


    “Responsible for many tournament victories, a secret weapon.”

    One of the latest utilized jig on the market today. It is designed to be fished over and around cover in a swimming retrieve. Responsible for many tournament victories, a secret weapon.