It is just about time for those anglers that do not ice fish to start getting CABIN FEVER so you can start by cleaning and oiling your equipment so when it counts you won't run in to problems.  Remember it could happen when you have your record size fish on. Preping those rods and reels will help take your mind of the winter also support your sporting good shows, they can be a good time with some of your fishing buddies.  If warm enough then start to prep your boat if you have one,  check the batteries, the oil in your lower unit,make sure youe oil reserve is full and keep an extra quart in the storage locker, clean out your live wells by bleaching them then rinse them a few times and then fill them up and add some Stay Alive or equal made product.  I use to add a bleach mixture (2 gals.)down in the bilge area then hook up my trailer and do a stop and go to throw that mix up under the floor to kill that mold under the deck - don't forget to put the plug in.  Clean out those storage lockers and organizes your rods and baits.  Guys clean that moldy cooler.  Make sure that your trolling motor is up and running.  Don't forget to check those all important fish finders.  Don't overlook your PFD, make sure it is in good shape.  Then one of the most important things to do is grease the hubs on that trailer that is hauling your baby to your favorite fishing hole, last but not least check the air in your tires including your spare as well as make sure you can undo the lock on your spare....nothing worst then having a flat and you can unlock the spare, oil it if need be.

True story, a friend and follow angler was on his way home on the interstate.  With only 6 to 8 miles from home doing nearly 70 mph lost a wheel because of a bad bearing.  Needless to say.... a large portion of the trailer and boat were left on the interstate with the fear of almost flipping over.  The good news is he still had 2/3 of a motor left.  People please be safe out there.  So it takes an extra 10 minutes to get home your family will appreciate you walking thru that door also plan to leave a few minutes earlier in the morning to get there.  If your that early you can sip your favorite beverage(non alcoholic) or get extra tackle ready.